Possible Reasons For Car and Motorcycle Self-Storage

  • You may have a classic or luxury car or a motorcycle that you need to store.
  • You may have a vehicle that you may want to ensure and use at a particular time in a year like summer.
  • You have rented a vehicle and you are at a new place where you do not need a vehicle for a short period of time.
  • Your vehicle does not fit in your yard, drive way or garage.
  • You may need to store the trailer boat that may be too large for space at home.
  • You may be fond of recreational vehicles and may need to keep them at a safe place. 

Tips for Vehicle maintenance before Storage

  • Wash your vehicle in order to limit paint damage.
  • Repair any paint that might be wearing off and give a coat of wax to your vehicle.
  • Grease different parts of the vehicle such as steering and suspension to keep moisture and dirt away.
  • Change vehicle oil and oil filter and keep the engine running for a long period of time ensuring that that the oil lubricates all the parts of the vehicle body.
  • Check for the proper inflation in the tires. The air inflation in the tire mush not be more or less than a certain level depending on your vehicle.
  • If the vehicle has a cargo trailer, make sure all of it is secured with specialized locks.
  • Completely cover your vehicle with a cover fabric for protection against environment elements like dirt and moisture.
  • If possible, keep all the accessory and other accompanying items inside vehicle.