Packing supplies services are very essential for any self storage facility. Our reputable company makes it a point to provide our clients with the necessary supplies and accessories to safeguard their assets. This is usually the case for clients who are changing residencies. Generally speaking, Cocoa Village Self Storage is highly noted for going to great lengths to uphold the privacy of their clients.

Our facility provides 24/7 access through security keypad entry systems, which can be activated or deactivated via a personal PIN. At the same time, our first rate indoor units are climate controlled, with some prime units even coming with air conditioning.

We provide packing supplies needed for indoor self storage.

We have various sizes of storage boxes where you can store your valuable belongings. Our facility is always ready to furnish clients with packing supplies of all kinds. This means you can methodically store your belongings like electronics, household appliances and so on at your discretion. We have boxes, padlocks, sharpies, tape, and more.

You may also need accessories such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, mattress and furniture covers or even sealing tape. This allows you to effectively ensure that your assets are totally protected from breakage or depreciation in their value during their stay in these indoor self storage facilities. Regardless of whether you want to store your whole home in transition to a move or perhaps you just wish for a little extra space to store your miscellaneous assets. Choosing an indoor self storage facility that has a dedicated packing supplies service can be the right solution to for an all-in-one solution.